Presence Based Church
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2019 block courses

September 30 - October 4

block course 1

The Presence Based Church

The Presence Based Church challenges popular understandings of how we do church and community and who we are called to be as followers of Christ in today’s world. We explore both the theology and practice of becoming a church whose identity and belonging are formed by following Jesus into our neighbourhoods. A church framed by the people and places where we live, as opposed to a church framed by the services we attend. Find out more


block course 2

The Presence Based Leader

A movement needs leaders, and reshaping church requires courageous leadership. We will unpack what Christ-centred leadership looks like in a reimagined church that uses local redemptive communities as the basis for belonging and mission. Find out more



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South West Baptist Church


South West Baptist Church has been on a journey for the past decade that has resulted in a church structure that is a bit different to the one most people in the West are used to. Read more about the journey.

A slow and deliberate movement towards solidarity with a people and a place.